Educational vision

Our Educational Vision considers each of our children as unique and original people, who develop their potential through spontaneous living and learning experiences. +

We want the experience of early education to awaken in each child their confidence, self-sufficiency, initiative, empathy and self-assurance in a welcoming atmosphere that enables them to develop their emotional-social, intellectual and motor skills. Children have the opportunity of learning ENGLISH as a second language guided by their bilingual teachers. Children who participate in all the proposed experiences develop a special ability to think and reason, understand themselves and relate with other people.

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  • Friendship
  • Order
  • Generosity
  • Happiness
  • Obedience

Jardín Infantil Rainbow is based on the High Scope curriculum, whose principle is active learning. Through play children can choose and manipulate different materials, experience different situations, develop their imagination and build their knowledge by exploring their surroundings.

The teacher asks children to solve problems, think things over and express their learning experiences, respecting their pace and interests.

The children going on to school have the opportunity of working in English across all areas of the curriculum. Both bilingual nursery school teachers incorporate English in simple instructions and vocabulary through games, rhymes, flash cards, etc.

Ultimately, our methodology takes them to:

  • Think
  • Propose
  • Act
  • Experiment
  • Learn